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    Excelsior Awards, Professional Awards, Design Awards & Honor Awards


    AIA New York State Excelsior Awards Program

    AIA New York State, in collaboration with the New York State contracting agencies, created these awards in 2014 to provide a model of excellence for future state-funded building design and professional practice and advocacy. There are two types of awards: Public Architecture Awards and Professional Awards.

    AIA New York State Design Awards Program
    The AIA New York State has recognized outstanding works of architecture through its Design Awards Program each year since 1968. The program was instituted to celebrate, honor and promote excellence in design by New York State Architects for their creativity and imagination in solving design problems for their clients and to generate greater public interest in architecture. The awards and their recipients – architects, clients, consultants and contractors – stand as affirmation of the diversity and quality of outstanding architecture.

    The award winning projects demonstrate the creative skills of their architects and the good use of available resources. Each adds something important to the place of which it is a part. Together, these exemplary projects reflect the scope of the architect’s involvement in building society’s future – its places of commerce, education and celebration; its housing; and its embodiment of complex social and cultural memories.

    AIA New York State Honor Awards Program
    The purpose of the Honor Awards program is to celebrate achievements by architects, citizens and community leaders for their many accomplishments, service, and commitment to advance the benefits of architecture and the contributions of architects in the built environment of society and their communities. The AIA New York State Honor Awards program includes the Matthew W. DelGaudio Award, the James W. Kideney Award, President’s Award, Legislator of the Year Award, Honorary Membership Award and Community Development Award.

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