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The mission of the AIA New York State Emerging Professionals is “to provide an open forum for professionals at the early stages of their careers to engage and connect through networking, leadership, and professional development programs.”  Preparing Emerging Professionals for next generation opportunities and challenges is a fundamental aspect of the Institute’s core values. Addressing the needs of Emerging Professionals—ranging from architecture students, to recent graduates, to professionals licensed ten years or less— requires a broad and continual effort. The priorities of an Emerging Professional change dramatically with their career stages over time, but our core values to serve them must be maintained along the way:

Impact The Positive Evolution Of The Profession. Prioritize the goals of the rising generation and advocate for changes to strengthen the profession that emerging professionals will inherit.

Cultivate opportunities for leadership & career development. Assist emerging professionals as they transition from school to firms, and then to leadership positions within firms, communities, and the profession at large.

Engage the next generation of architects. Broaden the reach of the AIA to welcome new professionals, alternative career path professionals, and anyone with an architecture background or interest in the architectural profession.

We are committed to furthering the professional development of all Associate members, students, and architects licensed under 10 years, through fellowship, education and supportive networking.  Providing support to aspiring architects participating in NCARB’s Intern Development Program (IDP) and those working towards licensure, and all architecture graduates in alternative career paths. Our mission is to create community, support career development and foster the next generations of leaders in our profession by collaborating with all of the local AIA NY chapters.

AIANYS Emerging Professional Directors

AIANYS Vice President Emerging Professionals
Jeff Pawlowski, AIA

Regional Associate Director – AIA National Associate Committee
Josette Matthew, Assoc. AIA

State Associate Director – AIA New York State
Yadira DeSantis, Assoc. AIA

Young Architect Regional Director – AIA Young Architect Forum
Casey Crossley, AIA

State Student Director – American Institute of Architects (AIAS)
Noor Ul Ain, AIAS

AIANYS Local Associate Directors – Local Chapters

AIA Brooklyn – Brooklyn Emerging Professionals (BKEP)  
Nicole Gangidino, Assoc. AIA
Talisha Sainvil, AIA

AIA Bronx
Ofé Clarke, AIA

AIA Buffalo-Western New York
Kelly Wassum, AIA

AIA Central New York
Kristin Szkolnik, Assoc. AIA

AIA Eastern NY
Andrew Petruzzelli, AIA

AIA Long Island
Katty Brath, Assoc. AIA
Ryan Rosenburg, AIA

AIA New York
Katie Thiele, Assoc. AIA
Daniel Aronberg, Assoc. AIA

AIA Peconic
John Whelan, Assoc AIA

AIA Queens
Ebru Sulker, Assoc. AIA

AIA Rochester
Cortland Knopp, Assoc. AIA

AIA Southern NY
Whitney Van Houten, Assoc. AIA

AIA Staten Island
Eugene Flotteron, AIA

AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson
Megan Holz, Assoc. AIA
Dion Miller, Assoc. AIA


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