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Membership Information

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the voice of the architecture profession, dedicated to serving it members, advancing their value, and improving quality of the built environment.

Since 1857, the AIA has represented the professional interest of America’s architects. As AIA members, more than 80,000 licensed architects, emerging professionals, and allied partners in design express their commitment to excellence and livability in our nation’s building and communities.

The AIA is a three-tiered membership organization, representing architects at the local, state, and national levels. Consequently, members residing in the U.S are members of the national, state, and local organizations of the AIA. Individuals wishing to apply for membership in the AIA may do so by completing only one application.

Membership in the AIA offers a vast pool of resources to help you compete in today’s market and keeps you informed of critical professional issues that may challenge your success.

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Should you have questions about joining or membership questions in general, please call, AIANYS at 518/449-3334. You may also email us at

Member Categories

AIA Membership Dues Payment Plan Overview

Information and Renewal

Architect Member (AIA)
Individuals licensed to practice architecture in U.S. State or Territory.

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International Associate Architect Member (Int’l Assoc. AIA)
Individuals who have an architectural license or equivalent from a non-U.S. licensing authority.

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Associate Members (Assoc. AIA)
Assoc. AIA is open to individuals who meet one of the following criteria:

  • Recent Graduate with a degree in architecture (please see Graduate Membership)
  • Currently enrolled in the Intern Development Program (IDP) and working towards licensure, or
  • Currently work under the supervision of an architect or hold a degree in architecture, or
  • Faculty member in a university program in architecture.

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Recent Graduates
National Component Offers Complimentary Membership

The AIA national component extends a special offer to individuals who have graduated with a degree in Architecture from an accredited school of Architecture.

Eligible individuals must provide a copy of their diploma.

This offer provides qualified individuals up to 18 months of free membership in The American Institute of Architects ending on 12/31 of the following year of graduation. The AIA is a three-tiered organization (members belonging at all levels). The complimentary membership is not offered at all local and state chapters. For complete details regarding New York, please call 518/449-3334.

Recent Graduate Information

Emeritus Members

Any Architect member may apply for Emeritus status if (a) [the member] (i) has been in good standing in the Institute
for fifteen successive years immediately prior to application, or (ii) has had a total of at least twenty-five successive or non-successive years
of membership in the Institute, and has been a member in good standing for at least three successive years immediately preceding . . . [the]
application for Emeritus membership; and (b) . . . [the member] either (i) has attained the age of 70 and is retired from the profession of
architecture, or (ii) is so incapacitated as to be unable to work in the profession.

Architect to Emeritus Form

Emeritus Exceptional Waiver Request Form

Chapter Dues

The single source dues invoices for all three levels (National, State, and Local) dues will be mailed by AIA in December. AIA dues are payable on or before January 15. Members who have not paid AIA dues by February 28 shall be in default and shall be so notified. Members still in default as of March 31 shall be terminated retroactive to January 1 of that year.

Dues for AIA Chapters in New York State

Already a member?

Below you will find forms to change or upgrade your membership, pay your dues online as well as update your membership profile.

Renew Your Membership Today

Renewing your AIA membership has never been easier. You can pay your dues online, and you will receive a confirmation of your payment via e-mail after you complete the transaction. You can also print a copy of your invoice should you choose to send your payment by mail or fax.

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Transfer Your Membership

By completing this form, and with the approval of AIA components involved, a member in good standing will be assigned to a new chapter and, if applicable, to a new state organization. Members may request a transfer of membership to another chapter at any time as long as their residence or place of business is within the territory of the new chapter.

Member Transfer Request Form

Upgrade Your Membership
If you have recently become a licensed architect and would like to change your membership status from Assoc. AIA to AIA. please use the following application form.

Member Upgrade Form (PDF)

Is Your AIA Membership Information Up to Date?
It’s important that your AIA membership profile is accurate and up to date.

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AIA New York State Allied Partner

Allied Partnership allows corporations and individuals not otherwise
eligible for AIANYS membership to participate in some of the services that we provide.

AIANYS Allied Partnership Information and Application

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