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A History of the AIA New York State, Inc.

An Organization of The American Institute of Architects

Legislative Issues and Governmental Affairs; A Reason For Coming Together.

AIA New York State, Inc., an organization of The American Institute of Architects, came into being of necessity. In the early 1900’s, as the profession was becoming more regulated, Architects of New York State realized the need for a centralized organization to represent the profession. The organization’s objective was unification of the profession in dealing with so many of the issues facing the architect in practice. Thus, the primary reason for AIA New York State (AIANYS) was to influence state legislation in connection with the practice of Architecture and remains the primary reason for its existence today.

From its inception, legislative and regulatory affairs were of vital importance to the architects and their practice.  Year after year, the association’s legislative program increased in volume and importance, where leadership found themselves required to make regular appearances before the legislative bodies in Albany. Legislative initiatives became especially important when the New York State Association of Architects became a chartered organization of The American Institute of Architects, increasing the scope and influence of the state association considerably among the member chapters and the state Legislature.

Affiliation with the American Institute of Architects

A number of name changes have occurred since the inception. In 1947 the state association became an affiliate of The American Institute of Architects, increasing the scope and influence of the organization and in 1949, the New York State Association of Architects received its charter from The American Institute of Architects. In 1992, the state association filed a DBA with the Secretary of State as AIA New York State, providing an even closer identity with the AIA, and in 2001 legally changed the name to AIA New York State, Inc.

Another important milestone in the evolution of the state association was on June 15, 1961 when the AIA granted the charter of the New York Regional Council, AIA, which represents the interests of members in New York State on the Strategic Council of The American Institute of Architects.

AIANYS Expands Services to Members

Government affairs has been and continues to be a primary focus of AIA New York State, the association expanded to provide a multitude of services and benefits to chapters and individual members. To highlight the exceptional work of our members, we host the Excelsior Awards for projects with public funding and the AIANYS Design Awards shows members’ work worldwide. View the exceptional work of AIANYS members here (design and excelsior awards). Also we hold an annual conference which provide a forum for professional and leadership development, best practices shared and some very sincere friendships developed among architects residing and doing business throughout the northeast.

Educational Services

A major service we provide our members is continuing educational credits. As our members are licensed or working toward licensure, we offer a variety of courses throughout the year for our members to attend to keep their license. Keeping up with the latest trends, materials and requirements not only help our members keep their license, but is a benefit to their health, safety and general welfare of the public.

The Future of AIANYS

Much progress has been made on behalf of the architects and profession since the inception of AIA New York State, Inc. Members are proud of the many legislative successes, alliances with other member organizations and the member services we have provided over the years.  AIANYS’ Elected leadership continue to increase services provided and oversee the professions legislative needs are met while enhancing the profession. AIANYS staff will continue to protect and advance the long tradition of service and excellence to our member architects, to the profession and to society.

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