2019 Executive Committee

Joseph J. Aliotta, FAIA

Illya Azaroff, AIA

Past President
Mark Vincent Kruse, AIA

Vice President/Government Advocacy
Michael Spinelli, JD, AIA

Vice President/Public Advocacy
Pasquale Marchese, AIA

Vice President/Knowledge
Paul McDonnell, AIA

Vice President/Emerging Professionals
Jeff Pawlowski, AIA

Manuel Andrade, AIA

Peter Wehner, AIA

Board of Directors


Tonja Adair, AIA

Mark E. Anderson, AIA

Michael Anderson, AIA

Danei Cesario, AIA

Ofé J. Clarke, AIA

Andrew J. Harding, AIA

Martin N. Hero, AIA




Adedosu Joshua, AIA

Jordan Parnass, AIA

Anthony Rojas, AIA

Nate Rozzi, AIA

Baani Singh, AIA

Jane Smith, FAIA

Gregory Thorpe, AIA

Jaclyn Tyler, AIA

Associate Director – New York Region Representative to the National Associates Committee
Josette Matthew, Assoc. AIA

Associate Director
Tannia Chavez, Assoc. AIA

Student Director
Alexander D’Amato, AIAS

New York Region Representative to the Young Architects Forum (YARD)
Casey Crossley, AIA

Ex-Officio Members
NY Region Representatives to the AIA Strategic Council
Brynnemarie Lanciotti, AIA
Kirk Narburgh, AIA
Willy Zambrano, AIA


Executive Vice President
Georgi Ann Bailey, CAE, Hon. AIANYS
Phone: (518) 449-3334
Email:  gabailey@aianys.org

Director of Finance
David Hodgkinson
Phone: (518) 449-3334 Ext. 106
Email:  dhodgkinson@aianys.org

Director of Government Affairs
Michael Burridge
Phone: (518) 449-3334 Ext. 108
Email:  mburridge@aianys.org

Director of Communications
Robin Styles-Lopez
Phone: (518) 449-3334 Ext. 105
Email: rstyles-lopez@aianys.org

Director of Education and Marketing
Mike Cocca
Phone: (518) 449-3334 Ext. 111
Email: mcocca@aianys.org

Associate Director of Member Services
Cara Longobardi
Phone (518) 449-3334 Ext. 104
Email: clongobardi@aianys.org

Associate Director of Education Programs
Molly Bibisi
Phone: (518) 449-3334 Ext. 103
Email: mbibisi@aianys.org

Executive Assistant
Emma Rozell
Phone: (518) 449-3334 Ext. 101
Email: erozell@aianys.org

Accounting Assistant
Kristen Rockmore
Phone: (518) 449-3334 Ext. 102
Email: krockmore@aianys.org

Legal Counsel

Michael De Chiara, Esq.
Zetlin & De Chiara, LLP

Anthony DiBrita, Esq.
Zetlin & De Chiara, LLP

 Legislative Counsel

Richard E. Leckerling, Esq., Hon. AIA
Whiteman Osterman & Hanna