Accessibility Changes with the 2021 I-Codes and ICC/A117.1-2017 Standard

3 LU/HSWs | This online course provides a summary, with some graphic examples, of the significant accessibility provision and application changes from the 2018 I-Codes and ICC/A117.1-2009 Standard to the 2021 I-Codes and ICC/A117.1-2017 Standard. It will focus on the I-Code accessibility changes, such as IBC Chapter 11, IEBC Chapter 3, and the ICC/A117.1-2017 Standard, because compliance with the ICC/A117.1-2017 Standard is triggered under the 2021 I-Codes. These codes and standards have been recently adopted in states/cities surrounding NYS and the next edition to be adopted by NYS will most likely be the 2024 I-Codes with NYS modifications.