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AIANYS Design Awards Guidelines

Registration Now Open

AIANYS Design Awards Guidelines

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May 26, 2017
Submission Registration Form and Entry Fee

May 26, 2017
Projects must be submitted

June 2017
Jury Meeting

November 10, 2017
Design Awards Presentation and Dinner

(In conjunction with the 2017 QUAD State Conference)

Cancellation Policy

Design Award Entries may be cancelled up to 5:00 p.m., May 26, 2017, less a $50.00 administration fee. All cancellations and refund requests must be in writing or emailed to David Hodgkinson, Director of Finance at dhodgkinson@aianys.org


AIANYS Members:
For a design project to be eligible for consideration by the AIANYS Design Awards Jury, the architect must be a registered, licensed architect in New York State. Works of architecture may be located anywhere in the world by AIA New York State members.

Registered, Licensed architects who are not members of AIANYS:
Design projects by architects who are not members of AIANYS are eligible for consideration by the AIANYS Design Awards Jury. The architects must be licensed, registered architects in New York State. Projects must be located in New York State.

Note: All submitted design projects must have been completed since January 1, 2012.


Single Family Detached, less than 2,500 square feet
Single Family Detached, 2,500 square feet and over

Multi Family, Multiple Dwellings (new subcategory)


Small Projects, less than 5,000 square feet
Large Projects, greater than 5,000 square feet

Urban Planning/ Design

Adaptive Reuse/Historic Preservation– Combined Category


Commissioned architectural design work by practicing emerging architects licensed 10 years or less, not yet built
Complete commissioned architectural design work, not yet built or completed by all other architects


Pro Bono Projects
A project for which those licensed architect(s) involved received no financial compensation

Sole Practitioner
Projects submitted from firms having only one architects, and no other professional staff.

Awards Presentation

Presentation of the 2017 AIANYS Design Awards will be made on November 10, 2017 in Albany, NY. Awarded projects design boards will be exhibited during the QUAD State Conference. Recipients will be requested to prepare a 36″ high x 24″ wide mount for display. Award recipients must assume all responsibility for delivering mounts to AIANYS. Complete information will be provided by AIA New York State Recipients and will also be featured in the Annual Awards Book as well as the AIA New York State website.

Electronic Submission Requirements

General Information

All materials including images, project questions, required forms, must be submitted electronically via our submission website. An upload link will be sent with your payment confirmation. All fillable forms will be available for download within the submission site. If you have any questions or problems, please contact AIANYS at 518/449-3334,or clongobardi@aianys.org.

Submission Items 
This presentation is what the jury will see; with the exception the project information page, and photographers release form. The firm name, architect’s name previous awards, or any other identifying information cannot appear anywhere on your Narrative, Project Questions or any photos. This includes file names. Any submissions containing identifying information in the jury documents will be disqualified.

Photographer’s Release Form: Saved as PDF
Should your entry be a recipient of a 2017 Design Award, you must identify one photo as the main publicity photo and an additional two photos as multimedia photos. (Total of 3 photos) If you used more than one photographer, we will need a photo release form for each. Photo release forms must be included with your other information uploaded. AIANYS may resize images to meet publication needs, but will not alter or modify the images. You can download the form here.

Project Information Sheet: Saved as “Word” document”
On the entrant’s letterhead, identify the architect(s), city, state of the architect, and full design and construction credits.

Credits listed must include name and address of all design firm(s) and persons substantially contributing to the design of the project; client’s name; contractor’s and/or construction manager’s name(s); firm name and address of consultant(s); and project’s name and location and photo credits listed in the manner desired to appear on a citation or photo caption.

Make sure the company name and submitting architect is included.

The project name and location, completion date, category and narrative description. The narrative should be a description of your project and should be approximately 500 words. It must be completely anonymous. The firm name, architect’s name or previous awards cannot appear or entry will be disqualified.

Project Questions:

This must be completely anonymous, firm name, architect’s name or previous awards cannot appear or will be disqualified.

Indicate your separate responses to the following questions:

*What were you asked to do by the client?
*What were the agreed upon goals of the project?
*How did the completed project address these goals?
*How did you address the design problem(s)?
*How does the architecture of your project affect the community?

Site Plan, Floor Plan(s), and Final 8 Images – Saved as .jpg format with project name and numbered.

Insert the site plan, at a small scale, floor plan(s), elevations, sections and up to eight (8) images of the project in color or black and white photographs showing exterior and interior views. All images and photographs must be saved as .jpegs. No other format will be accepted. Photographs must be a minimum of 72 dpi resolution, and no larger than 2 GB. Multiple images per page are not permitted. The eight final photos should not include text or captions.

By submitting a project for consideration, the submitting architect represents and warrants to AIA New York State that he or she has provided a complete list of all those substantially contributing to the design of the project.
Failure to provide a complete list may result in disqualification and/or a referral of the matter to the appropriate ethics body of the national office of the AIA. The AIANYS accepts no responsibility for incomplete lists.

If any of the above is not included in the entry at time of submission, the entry will be disqualified.


AIA New York State assumes no liability for original drawings and submission materials or loss or damage to any part of the submission. AIA New York State retains the right to reproduce any of the submission materials in its publication, educational programs and websites. By making a submission, the entrant agrees that the information contained in the submission is correct and complete, and that the entrant will hold harmless AIA New York State for any and all damage arising out of the use of the information contained herein. Any errors or omissions are the complete responsibility of the entrant.