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AIA New York State Honor Award Recipients

Matthew W. DelGaudio Award
James William Kideney Gold Medal Award
President’s Award
AIANYS Intern-Associates Award
AIANYS Firm Award
President’s Citations
Student Award
Fellow’s Award
Community Development Award
Honorary Member of AIA New York State
Educator Award
Legislator of the Year Award
AIA New York State College of Fellows Award

AIA New York State Recipients of AIA Honor Awards
Gold Medal Award
Twenty Five Year Award
Architectural Firm Award
Whitney M. Young, Jr. Citation Award
Kemper Award
AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education
Thomas Jefferson Award
The Henry Bacon Medal for Memorial Architecture

Honorary AIANYS Recipients
Honorary AIANYS Award


AIA New York State Honor Award Recipients

Matthew W. DelGaudio Award

The award recognizes outstand and valuable service to the profession through promoting the profession of architecture. Recipients must demonstrate distinguished service to AIANYS, notable competence advancing the profession of architecture, and an active interest and leadership role in AIANYS. Recipients have been:

Margaret O’Donoghue Castillo, AIA AIA New York 2014
John A. Notaro, AIA AIA Long Island 2014
Allen Rossignol, AIA AIA Rochester 2013
Anthony P. Schirripa, FAIA AIA New York 2013
Kelly Hayes McAlonie,AIA Buffalo 2012
Dennis A. Andrejko, FAIA New York 2011
Susan Chin, FAIA New York 2011
Burton L. Roslyn,FAIA New York 2010
Ronald J. Battaglia, FAIA Buffalo/Western NY 2010
Russell A. Davidson, FAIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 2009
Terrence E. O’Neal, FAIA New York 2008
Peter J. Arsenault, FAIA Central New York 2007
Stuart B. Chait, Sr., AIA Rochester 2007
George H. Miller, FAIA New York 2006
Leevi Kiil, FAIA New York 2005
Mark Ginsberg, AIA New York 2002
Orlando Maione,F AIA Long Island 2002
Barbara Nadel, FAIA New York 2001
John P. Sullivan, FAIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 1999
Donald Weston, FAIA Brooklyn 1999
Martin Cohen, FAIA New York 1998
David Castro-Blanco, FAIA New York 1996
Thomas L. Penn, AIA Long Island 1996
John R. Sorrenti, FAIA Long Island 1995
Ronald D. Goodman, AIA Long Island 1994
Ralph G. Heiman, AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 1993
Sidney L. Delson, FAIA New York 1992
Sidney M. Shelov, FAIA New York 1991
Richard E. Kaeyer, FAIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 1990
Roger W. Johanson, AIA Rochester 1989
Albert Melniker, AIA Staten Island 1989
Randolph R. Croxton, AIA New York 1988
Douglas F. Korves, AIA New York 1988
Leonard Weinberg, AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 1987
Commissioner Joseph B. Klein, AIA Bronx 1986
Milton D. Petrides, AIA Long Island 1984
Richard T. Lafferty, AIA Central New York 1983
William A. Rose, Jr., FAIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 1982
Darrell D. Rippeteau, FAIA Central New York 1981
Carl J. Petrilli, AIA New York 1980
J. Delaine Jones, AIA Eastern New York 1979
Martin H. Cohen, AIA New York 1978
Laszlo Papp, FAIA Western/Mid-Hudson 1976
Kurt Karmin, AIA New York 1975
Joseph Monticciolo, FAIA Long Island 1974
Frank Visconi, AIA Long Island 1974
Bruce Hartwigsen, AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 1973
Donald J. Stephens, FAIA Eastern New York 1971

James William Kideney Gold Medal Award

This award recognizes a lifetime of notable contributions by an architect to the profession, the professional society, and the community. Recipients must demonstrate a lifetime of sustained community leadership, thus advancing the profession of architecture through making the community a better place to live. Recipients must also demonstrate an active interest in leadership role in the profession and processional society at the local, state, or nation level. Recipients have been:

Dennis A. Andrejko, FAIA AIA Buffalo/Western NY 2014
Susan Chin, FAIA AIA New York 2013
Walter Hunt, Jr., FAIA New York 2012
George Miller, FAIA New York 2011
Leevi Kiil,FAIA New York 2010
John A. Fayko, AIA Rochester 2009
Ronald J. Battaglia, FAIA Buffalo/Western New York 2008
Fredric Bell, FAIA New York 2007
Georgio Cavaglieri, FAIA New York 2006
Arthur Rosenblatt, FAIA New York 2005
Robert T. Coles, FAIA Buffalo/Western New York 2004
Dr. Fredrick Bentel, FAIA Long Island 2001
Richard E. Kaeyer, FAIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 2000
Myron E. Starks, AIA Rochester 1999
Johnstone N. Reid, Jr.,F AIA Buffalo/Western New York 1997
Donald Weston, FAIA Brooklyn 1996
Richard Roth Jr., FAIA New York 1993
Jan Hird Pokorny, FAIA New York 1992
Lee P. Bearsch,FAIA Southern New York 1991
Albert C. Brevetti, AIA Eastern New York 1990
John M. Laping, FAIA Buffalo/Western New York 1989
William A. Rose, Jr., FAIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 1988
Darrel D. Rippeteau, FAIA Central New York 1987
Laszlo Papp, FAIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson 1985
Georige S. Lewis, FAIA New York 1982
Joseph D. Monticciolo, FAIA Long Island 1981

President’s Award

This award recognizes outstanding contributions to the profession of architecture by a member architect in education, industry, or government, who, through outstanding efforts of professional competence in nontraditional areas of architectural practice, has demonstrated lasting influence and raised the standards of processional performance and increased the recognition of professional competence by others, and in the processional society at the local, state or national level. Recipients have been:

Gregg Pasquarelli, AIA AIA New York 2014
Paul McDonnell, AIA AIA Buffalo/Western 2013
Abby Suckle,FAIA New York 2012
Alfreda Radzicki, AIA New York 2011
Stanley Stark, FAIA New York 2010
Leevi Kiil, FAIA New York 2009
Dennis A. Andrejko, FAIA Buffalo/Western NY 2008
David J. Burney, AIA New York 2007
Susan Chin, FAIA New York 2006
Linda M. Stango, AIA Rochester 2004
Joyce S. Lee, AIA New York 2004
Lance Jay Brown, FAIA New York 2004
J. Delaine Jones, Ph.D., FAIA Eastern New York 2002
Barbara Nadel, FAIA New York 2002
Fredric Bell, FAIA New York 2001
Conrad Levenson, FAIA Queens 2000
Randolph R. Croxton, FAIA New York 1999
Adrienne Green Bresnan, FAIA New York 1992
Patrick S. Raspante, AIA Brooklyn 1991
Richard S. Kruter, AIA Queens 1990
Donald Kenneth Sargent, AIA Central New York 1987
Joseph D. Monticciolo, FAIA Long Island 1986

AIANYS Intern – Associate Award

Established in 2005, the purpose of the Intern-Associate Award is to recognize notable contributions and accomplishments by an intern or associate member of AIANYS.

Linsey Graff, Assoc. AIA 2014
Michael LaValley, Assoc. AIA 2014
Jason Streb, Assoc. AIA 2013
Julie Ann Engh, Assoc. AIA 2012
Jessica Sheridan, Assoc. AIA 2011
James Lai, Assoc. AIA 2011
Mark Behm, Assoc. AIA 2010
Venesa Alicea, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP 2009
Shanntina Moore, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP 2009
Vasso Kampiti, Assoc. AIA 2008
Ryan Clark, Assoc. AIA 2007
Jeremy S. Edmunds, Assoc. AIA, LEED AP 2006
Dirk Schneider, AIA 2006

AIANYS Firm Award

Established in 2005, the purpose of the Firm Award is to recognize notable achievements in design, community service, education, and service to the profession and the AIA by an architectural firm within New York State. Projects, accomplishments, and service submitted must reflect a period of at least 10 years.

Gensler 2014
SHoP Architects 2013
Caples Jefferson Architects 2012
Rogers Marvel Architects 2011
FX Fowle 2010
Pei Cobb + Partners Architects 2009
Cannon Design 2008
Helfand Architecture 2007
Dattner Architects 2006

President’s Citations

The President’s Citation may be conferred by the President of AIANYS on individuals or other entities that he/she believes merit acknowledgement for outstanding contributions to the profession of architecture.

Illya Azaroff, AIA 2014
Justin Mihalik, AIA 2014
Paul Welch, Jr., Hon. AIA 2013
Burton L. Roslyn,FAIA 2010
John P. Goodman, FAIA 2010
Dennis A. Andrejko, FAIA 2009
Patricia Lancaster, FAIA 2008
Terrence E. O’Neal, FAIA 2008
Strong National Museum of Play 2007
Ronald J. Battaglia, FAIA 2006
The Trust for Public Land 2006

AIANYS Student Awards

The AIANYS Student Awards were established in 2007 in order to enrich and reinforce design exploration among students; to establish a stronger relationship between the profession and the academy; and recognize the future leadership of our profession and society.

Jennifer D. Harper 2014
Jennifer Cona 2013
Kate Spata, AIAS 2012
Jessica Russell 2010
Adam Felt 2010
Miles Paloympis 2010
Kyle Baumgardner 2010
Jenni Wilga 2010
Brandon Peterson 2010
Caitlin Pontrella 2010
Evan Lepore, AIAS 2007

Fellow’s Award

Established in 2006, the purpose of this award is to recognize a Fellow of the AIA who has exemplified the philosophy of Mentorship within the profession. This individual either personally, or through his or her firm has exceeded in helping a young architect (as defined by AIA), student or an unlicensed individual to gain a greater knowledge of the profession and has assisted them in achieving more than they would have normally within the profession without this guidance.

Adrienne & Joseph Bresnan, FAIA 2014
Sylvia Smith, FAIA 2013
Paul Segal, FAIA 2012
Robert T. Coles, FAIA 2011
Abby Suckle, FAIA 2009
Mark Strauss, FAIA 2007

Community Development Award

This award recognizes and acknowledges projects and individuals who have a substantial impact on the built environment within the various localities of New York State, or on the State as a whole. The citation may be made to any individual, community or civic organization, governmental agency, or private corporation whose efforts have resulted in a significant and positive improvement to the built environment. Recipients have been:

Joni Monroe, AIA Rochester, NY 2014
Rebuild by Design New York, NY 2014
Ron Shiffman   2013
Friends of the High Line New York 2012
Brooklyn Bridge Park Brooklyn, NY 2011
ACES2 House-Architects Collaborating with
Engineers for Shelter
Rochester,NY 2009
Hudson River Park TrustNew York2008
Sustainable South BronxSouth Bronx, NY2007
Reshaping Rochester:Planning
for the Public Realm
Rochester, NY2006
Dean Biancavilla, AIA & Robert Haley, AIA,
Urban Design Center of Syracuse
Syracuse, NY 2005
Times Square AllianceNew York, NY 2005
Roger Brown, AIA Barkstrom & LaCroix Architects, Rochester, NY2004
Conrad Levenson, FAIAPhoenix House Foundation, Inc., Long Island, NY2004
Lower Manhattan Development CorporationNew York, NY2003
New York Foundation for Architecture, Inc. New York, NY 1999
Abyssinian Development CorporationNew York (Harlem), NY 1996
Brooklyn Union Brooklyn, NY1996
Landmark Society of Western New YorkRochester, NY1995
Preservation League of New York State Albany, NY 1993
Hon. Mario M. Cuomo, Governor New York, NY 1992
Main-Genesee Urban Design Task Group, for Fountain PlazaBuffalo, NY 1992
Dr. & Mrs. Roger Gerry For establishing the Roslyn Historic Commission Roslyn, NY 1992
L. William Chapin, II, AIA Ronald McDonald House Rochester, NY 1991
Cinderella Program, Brooklyn Union Gas Company Brooklyn, NY 1990
New York State Facilities Development Center Walter J. Hinckley, Executive Director 1987
The Rochester Downtown Development Corporation Rochester, NY 1986

Honorary Member of AIA New York State

This honorary award recognizes outstanding and significant accomplishments of a person of esteemed character who is not eligible for membership in the Institute, but who has rendered distinguished service to the profession of architecture or the arts and sciences allied therewith.

Jean Reitsman France Rochester, NY 2014
Michael De Chiara, Esq.
Zetlin & De Chiara
Robert Haelen
State University Construction Fund
Iris Weinshall
Facilities Planning
Construction & Management at the City University of
New York
New York, NY 2013
Andy Frankl New York, NY 2012
Lina Telese New York, NY 2010
Richard Baer
Baer & Associates/Construction Consultants
Buffalo, NY 2009
Heidi N. Zimmer-Meyer
Rochester Downtown Development Corporation
Rochester, NY 2009
Georgi Ann Bailey,CAE
Director of Programs and Operations
AIA New York State
Albany, NY 2009
Jerry Ludwig
Ludwig Associates, Inc.
Rochester, NY 2006
Raymond T. Mellon, Esq.
Zetlin & DeChiara, LLP
New York, NY 2006
David A. Thurm
Senior Vice President and CEO
The New York Times
New York, NY 2006
Ronald Schiffmann, FAICPPratt Institute School of Architecture 2005
Frank J. Sciame, Jr.
FJ Sciame Construction Co., Inc.
New York, NY 2004
Linda Hewitt, Executive Director AIA Rochester Chapter 2004
Valerie Brown, Executive Director AIA Westchester/Mid-Hudson Chapter 2003
Stephen Suggs, Deputy Director AIA New York Chapter 2003
Richard E. Leckerling, Esq.
Whiteman, Osterman & Hanna
Albany, NY 2002
David Kapell, Mayor
Village of Greenport
Long Island, NY 2002
Michael Zetlin, Esq.
Zetlin & DeChiara, LLP
New York, NY 2001
Ann LoMonte, Executive Director AIA Long Island 2000
Anthony C. Wood, Executive Director
Ittleson Foundation, Inc.
New York, NY 2000
Roberta Rodriguez-Bacchus
Past Executive Assistant/Program Director
AIA New York State 1998
Nancy Macon
Past Executive Director, AIA Rochester
Rochester, NY 1997
Joan Davidson, President
Hudson, NY 1996
Patricia Manfre-Staab
Business Manager and Senior Associate
Spector Group
Long Island, NY
Joel Miele, Sr., PE, Commissioner New York City Department of Buildings 1996
Greg Kumm, President
Prosurance Brokerage
New York, NY 1995
Anne H. Van Ingen New York, NY 1995
Elizabeth Goldstein
New York City Region
NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation 1993
William E. Clarkson Buffalo, NY 1992
Seymour Sy Sheldon
Queens County Democratic Leader
Queens, NY 1992
Alice Paul
Public Member
New York State Board for Architecture
Brooklyn, New York
John Gardner Institute of Bermuda Architects 1991
Karen Pomeroy
Pomeroy East
Binghamton, NY 1990
Joan Capelin, APR
Capelin Communications, Inc.
New York, NY 1990
David Haviland, Dean
School of Architecture
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Troy, NY

Educator Award

Deborah Gans, FAIA 2014
Peter Eisenman 2013
Robert G. Shibley, FAIA 2013

Legislator of the Year Award

This award recognizes outstanding legislative contributions to the profession and the practice of architecture by a New York State Legislator; who will have demonstrated leadership and an active role in advancing the legislative priorities of AIA New York State.

Assemblywoman Amy Paulin 2013
Senator Ken LaValle 2012
Assemblyman Ronald Canestrari 2011
Senator David Valesky 2009
Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo 2008
Senator Carl L. Marcellino 2008
Assemblyman Sam Hoyt 2007
Senator Kemp Hannon 2006
Senator Joseph Robach 2004
Assemblyman Joseph Lentol 2004
Assemblyman Ron Canestrari 2002
Senator Michael Balboni 2002
Assemblyman Robin Schimminger 2001
Assemblyman Joseph D. Morelle 1999
Senator Kenneth P. LaValle 1996
Senator Dale Volker 1996
Assemblyman Ron Canestrari 1996
Assemblyman Edward Sullivan 1996
Senator Kemp Hannon 1994
Assemblyman Ron Canestrari 1994
Senator Dale M. Volker 1993
Senator Kenneth P. LaValle 1992
Assemblyman Edward D. Sullivan 1992
Senator John J. Marchi 1991
Assemblyman Gregory P. Young 1991
Assemblyman James R. Tallon, Jr. 1990
Senator Michael J. Tully, Jr. 1989
Assemblyman Samuel Colman 1987
Assemblyman Clarence Rappleyea 1986
Assemblyman Mark Alan Siegel 1985
Senator Emanuel R. Gold 1984
Senator Warren M. Anderson 1983
Senator Douglas Barclay 1982
Assemblyman Saul Weprin 1982
Senator Norman J. Levy 1981
Assemblyman Frank J. Barbaro 1981
Senator Frank Padavan 1980
Assemblyman Vincent F. Nicolosi 1980
Senator John E. Flynn 1979
Assemblyman Roger J. Robach 1979
Senator Douglas Barclay 1978
Assemblyman Melvin H. Miller 1978
Assemblyman Angelo F. Orazio 1977

AIA New York State College of Fellows Award

The purpose of the AIA New York State College of Fellows Award is to recognize a New York Fellow who exemplifies and advances the highest principles of The American Institute of Architects’ College of Fellows; who continually elevates the profession privately and publicly; and who continues to make significant contributions to architects, architecture and society.

Jan Hird Pokorny, FAIA 2000
I.M. Pei, FAIA 1995
Phillip Johnson, FAIA 1995


AIA New York State Recipients of AIA Honors Awards

Gold Medal Recipients

The Gold Medal is the highest honor the Institute can bestow. It is awarded by the Board of Directors in recognition of most distinguished service to the architectural profession or to the institute. Only one Gold Medal may be given in any year. The medal may be awarded posthumously. New York State Recipients have been:

Steven Holl, FAIA 2012
Ed Barnes 2007
Richard Meier ,FAIA 1997
Romaldo Giurgola 1982
Ieoh Ming Pei 1979
Philip Cortelyou Johnson 1978
Marcel Breuer 1968
Wallace K. Harrison 1967
Ralph Walker (Centennial Medal of Honor) 1957
Louis Skidmore 1957
Clarence S. Stein 1956
William Adams Delano 1953
Bertram Grosvenor Goodhue 1925
Henry Bacon 1923
George Browne Post 1911
Charles Follen McKim 1909

Twenty Five Year Award Recipients

The award was established to recognize distinguished architectural design after a period of time has elapsed in which the function, esthetic statement and execution can be reassessed. The test of time is used to single out the executed projects which receive this award: they must have been completed 25 to 35 years ago and must be projects by American architects in the United States or abroad. Past New York State winning projects are:

Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Architects LLP, New York, New York 2011
The Ford Foundation Headquarters, New York NY 1995
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum,  New York, NY 1986
Seagram Building, New York, NY 1984
Lever House, New York, NY 1980
Rockerfeller Center, New York, NY 1969

Architectural Firm Award Recipients

The Architectural Firm Award of the Institute is awarded to a firm in which the continuing collaboration among individuals of the firm has been the principal force in consistently producing distinguished architecture for a period of at least ten years. This award is the highest honor the Institute can bestow on a firm. New York State recipients have been:

R.M. Kliment & Frances Halsband Architects
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill 1996
Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners 1995
James Steward Polshek and Partners 1992
Kohn Pederson Fox Associates, P.C. 1990
Gwathmey Siegel & Associates 1982
Hardy Holzman Pfeiffer Associates 1981
Edward Larrabee Barnes Associates 1980
Mitchell/Giurgola, Architects 1976
Davis, Brody & Associates 1975
I.M. Pei & Partners 1968
Skidmore, Owings & Merrill 1962

Whitney M. Young, Jr. Citation Recipients

This Citation was established in 1971 to honor the late Whitney M. Young, Jr. who challenged the architectural profession to assume its professional responsibility to the social issues for today. The Citation is given to an architect or architecturally oriented organization in recognition of a significant contribution toward meeting this responsibility. New York recipients have been:

David Castro Blanco, FAIA 1993
J. Max Bond, Jr., FAIA 1987
Rev. Richard M. Prosser 1986
John Lewis Wilson, AIA 1983
Robert Traynham Coles, FAIA 1981

Kemper Award Recipients

The Edward C. Kemper Award, in honor of a late Executive Director of the Institute, may be given each year by the Board to a member who has contributed significantly to the Institute and to the profession of architecture. New York State Recipients have been:

Barbara A. Nadel, FAIA 2009
Norbert Young, Jr., FAIA 2005
Joseph D. Monticciolo, FAIA 1987
Herbert Epstein, FAIA 1980

AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education

The AIA/ACSA Topaz Medallion for Excellence in Architectural Education is awarded jointly by the AIA and the Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture (ACSA) to an individual, who must be living at the time of nomination, who has spent at least a decade primarily involved in architectural education, and whose primary contribution to architectural education has been on the North American continent.

Lance Jay Brown, FAIA 2007
Alan H. Balfour 2000
Werner Seligmann 1998
Mario Salvadori, Hon. AIA 1993
Kenneth B. Frampton 1991
John Hejduk, FAIA 1988

Thomas Jefferson Award

The Thomas Jefferson Award for Public Architecture is given each year by the Institute to recognize achievements in the following three categories:

Lewis Davis, FAIA 1999
Arthur Rosenblatt, FAIA 1998
John Tarantino, AIA 1997
Richard Dattner, FAIA 1994
James Ingo Freed, FAIA 1992
Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Hon. AIA 1992

The Henry Bacon Medal for Memorial Architecture

The Henry Bacon Medal is awarded by the Institute on behalf of The American Institute of Architects for excellence in memorial architecture. Any memorial architecture having no purpose other than to portray, promote, or symbolize an idea of high spiritual concern is eligible. New York State projects awarded:

Alexander Cooper 2012
Ellis Island Immigration Museum, New York City 1991
Statue of Liberty, New York City 1986